School Bus Fleet Magazine - September 2016

COVER STORY * 6 Tips for Stepping Up Driver Recruitment * *

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6 Tips for Stepping Up Driver Recruitment (COVER STORY)

With a heightened shortage of bus drivers, Salem-Keizer Public Schools overhauls its approach to recruitment.  Collaborating with other district departments, developing an attractive brand, and streamliniing the hiring process are kep steps.

50-Year Lamers-Blue Bird Partnership Provides a Better Ride

The family-run school bus company's loyalty and service and the manufacturer's quality products and knowledge have helped them stick together for half a century.

A Historial School Bus Pictorial

As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of School Bus Fleet, readers share vintage photos from the past century of pupil transportation.

Q&A: APP Exec Talks Data Solutions for School Transportation

Patrick Gallagher, SafeStop's director of sales, shares how the company's app has increased communication between school districts and parents.  Gallagher also foresees more data access as a potential solution to bus driver shortage.

How Fleet Telematics Tools Help Track, Improve Driver Behavior

Real-time GPS tracking, video integration, and driver behavior algorithms are used to create tools such as driver score cards, reports, and alerts that help drivers and managers correct unsafe habits and reinforce safe ones.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - September 2016
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