School Bus Fleet Magazine - September 2012


Positive interactions encourage peaceful bus ride

By Kelly Roher

While surveillance cameras and assigned seating can help in addressing student behavior problems on the school bus, officials say that getting to know passengers, handling discipline issues in a positive way and acknowledging proper bus etiquette are also effective ways to keep troublesome behavior at bay. Here, we share the specifics of several programs and initiatives based on these approaches.


Buckle up: The latest in restraint systems
As the prevalence of lap-shoulder belts in buses grows, it is important for operations to consider the type of students they are transporting and the ability to upgrade to meet future safety standards before selecting a belt system.

New system automates stop-arm running enforcement
In light of the growing trend to install exterior cameras on school buses to help capture and deter illegal passing, American Traffic Solutions and AngelTrax partnered to create CrossingGuard. The progressive system can capture footage and process violations automatically, without driver interaction.

Physical therapists are valuable resource for transportation
From providing information on disabilities and how they will impact the school bus ride to offering tips for proper wheelchair securement and evacuations, these individuals can greatly assist in safely transporting special-needs students. In the new school year, they should be involved in planning and training sessions.

Districts join forces, cut costs
Winton Woods City School District and Finneytown Local School District in Cincinnati share their transportation services, including buses, routes and fueling stations. In sharing special-education service alone, the operations have each saved about $25,000.

Contractor of the Year profile: Kobussen Buses
The Wisconsin school bus operator delivers exemplary service to its school district customers — one of which Kobussen has been serving for nearly 75 years. Members of the Kobussen family have also been key contributors to industry associations, and they are known for lending a hand to colleagues.


Help cut summer overload
More than 60% of school bus production is tied to deliveries that will occur during about 25% of the year.

New (school) year’s resolutions
Are there some functions that only you know how to perform but that you could teach other members of your staff? What do you hope to achieve before summer suddenly rolls around again?

Distracted driving: Can u c me now?
Don Ross of the School District of Manatee County (Fla.) discusses the problem of distracted driving and the impact it has had on his school district. Since January 2012, the district has experienced nine accidents involving other vehicles running into its school buses.

NAPT News & Views — Have candid discussions about your school bus environment
NAPT's executive director explains his mixed emotions about Karen Klein, the school bus monitor who endured vulgar verbal abuse from a group of foul-mouthed, ill-mannered children on a school bus.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - September 2012