School Bus Fleet Magazine - October 2012


Identifying and evaluating school bus route hazards

By Gregory H. Sutton

To ensure students’ safety, transportation managers must implement a procedure for this effort that includes scheduled onsite reviews and a means to efficiently communicate the hazards to staff. School bus drivers, local and state police, and local emergency operations centers should be involved.


Bus video goes beyond student monitoring
Today’s surveillance systems not only record students on multiple channels, many record risky driving behavior, issue alerts for specific events and track buses through GPS. Here are details on these and other specifications from eight companies’ offerings.

Kerlin shows commitment to training, customers
As Indiana’s Kerlin Bus Sales and Leasing celebrates 50 years as a Thomas Built Buses dealer, the family-run company focuses on providing instruction for bus drivers and technicians so they are well-versed in the industry’s latest technology. Kerlin also has a rigorous system to ensure customers’ needs are met and their orders are properly filled.

Thomas Built CEO sees permanent shifts in school bus market
Kelley Platt, the company's president and CEO, says that transportation changes many districts are making — from running buses longer to increasing walking distances — have reduced the need for new buses and aren’t likely to be reversed. In turn, the OEM is focused on becoming more cost-effective in its manufacturing while maintaining quality. Platt discusses the market shifts, cost of ownership and product developments with SBF.

State directors: Why we do it this way
State pupil transportation directors discuss their states’ school bus specs and procedures that stand out, from fluorescent driver seat belts to buffer zones at the back of the bus.


Illegal bus passing: Knowing is half the battle
If drivers know in advance that they should be looking out for those stopped buses, and if they’ve been educated on the danger that illegal passing poses for students, they should be more prepared and more convinced of the need to stop.

Thoughts on transit replacing yellow buses
I understand the concerns, and while I don’t have a solution, perhaps furthering the discussion on the issue is one step in the right direction.

How to be a great leader
Leaders are continuously looking for ways to improve, and they are always willing to help. In order to be a great leader, one should always remember the three Rs: respect for self, respect for others and responsibility for all of one’s own actions.

NAPT Summit: network and find answers to challenges
The Summit will be chock full of workshops and speakers who understand the challenges you face, and it will offer ideas to make you better at what you do. If you’re facing a problem in your district, chances are someone else has already been in your shoes and can lend a helpful perspective.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - October 2012