School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2018

COVER STORY: School Bus Fires Highlight Need for Preventive Measures

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* Survey: With Shortage of Drivers, Techs Often Cover Routes

SBF's Maintenance Survey finds that more than half of respondents have shop staff driving often or even daily.  Meanshile, average starting pay for school bus technicians jumps to $19.70 per hour.

* School Bus Fires Highlight Need for Preventive Measures (COVER STORY)

With a rash of blazes in recent months - one fatal - pupil transportation officials boost inspection and replacement of older buses.  Evacuation drills and fire suppression also come into focus.

* School Bus Maintenance Staff Seeks, Shares Regen Solution

Working as a team, a shop in an Ohio district's transportation department reduces regeneration incidents by about 80%, and shares the solution with other technicians.

* 5 New Tools for the School Bus Shop

A dashboard that reflects tire maintenance savings, heavy-duty tire changers, and an oil change system that speeds up the process are just some of the latest products designed to boost savings and uptime.

* To See or Not to See?  Weighing the Benefits of Visual Navigation

For substitute drivers, an illuminated display with directions might be a safer alternative to fumbling in the dark with a hand-held route sheet.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2018