School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2017

COVER STORY * Cobb Targets Cost Savings, Tech Recruiting With Gas Buses * *

Features in this Issue:

Extra Red Lights Linked to Decrease in Illegal Passing

Five Iowa districts that tested supplemental warning lights on school buses have seen stop-arm violations drop at at least 50%.

Cobb County Shop Turns to Gasoline Buses to Cut Costs, Recruit Techs (COVER STORY)

The Georgia district's purchase of gasoline school buses, addition of bus bays, and ongoing internship and inspection training programs have also benefited drivers and students.

6 Benefits of Utilizing a Driver as a Mechanic's Helper

A school bus driver who assists in the shop can help improve communication, boost productivity, and increase safety - all while saving money for the transportation department.

Survey: Fleet Age Averages Around 9 Years

SBF's annual Maintenance Survey finds little change in school bus fleet age.  On average, large buses are retired at 16 years, small buses at nearly 15.

5 New School Bus Shop Tools

An app that helps track maintenance and fuel, a remote-controlled mobile column lift, and a portable LED worklight are among the latest offerings that can assist in school bus maintenance.

School Bus Driver Seats Adjust to a Variety of Needs

In addition to safety and durabliity, driver seats offer various options for height and comfort.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2017