School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2016

COVER STORY * Technician Pay Trends Upward * *

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Technician Pay Trends Upward (COVER STORY)

Starting pay for school bus technicians has risen four years in a row, now to nearly $18 per hour.  SBF's survey also finds an average ratio of 20 buses per tech.

Schenendehowa Shop Zeros in on Efficiency, Turnaround Time

The New York school district's efficient and well-trained maintenance staff gets the majority of its buses back on the road after same-day upkeep, contributing to its low out-of-service rating.

How To Cut Repair Costs with Proper Electrical Diagnosis

Avoid high repair bills and excessive down time by learning key principles for diagnosing electrical issues in school buses.

11 Steps to Optimal Vehicle Lift Safety

Buying ALI certified lifts and conducting daily checks are critical to shop safety, experts say.  Suppliers offer visibility-enhancing, self-locking and wireless features for added safety.

Balancing Rules, Fun Helps Drivers, Students Enjoy the Ride

Transportation directors and bus drivers agree: adults lead by example.  Maintaining authority and having fun with students begins by building relationships of compassion and mutual respect.

5 New Tools for The School Bus Shop

Vehicle lift lights, a diagnostic scan tool and oil analysis systems are among the latest offerings for school bus maintenance.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - March 2016
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