School Bus Fleet Magazine - June 2016

GREEN ISSUE * Can Electric School Buses Go the Distance? * Training Programs Prep Bus Techs for Propane Maintenance *

Features in this Issue

Can Electric School Buses Go the Distance?

The technology is proven, and the buses offer cheaper operating costs as well as zero emissions.  Still, with scarce funding in many states and extremely cold winter temperatures, will the vehicles gain traction in the school transportation market?

Training Programs Prep Bus Techs for Propane Maintenance

As sales of propane school buses grow, so does the demand for technicians to be trained on servicing them.  Here's an overview of propane maintenance basics and programs that are available for in-depth instruction.

Beyond Clearing the Air: Emissions Reduction Devices Can Help Extend Bus Life

In addition to helping school buses run more cleanly and efficiently, many retrofit products on the market are designed for easy installation and to reduce engine wear.

SBX Disuissions Dig into Driver Shortage, Stop-Arm Running

The second edition of School Bus eXchange brings school bus operators and suppliers to Colorado to share solutions for key issues facing the industry.

SBX Photo Highlights

This pictorial of the 2016 School Bus eXchange, which was held by NAPT and School Bus Fleet, gives glimpses of the roundtable discussions, a transportation facility tour, and even the Rocky Mountains.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - June 2016
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