School Bus Fleet Magazine - July 2016

COVER STORY * Driver Pay Rises as Contractors Deal With Shortage * *

Features in this Issue

Reinvention, adaptability Help School Bus Contractor Thrive

Ohio-based VAT adapts and goes the extra mile for customers with additional services, including school bus pre-inspection and driver and bus leasing.

David Duke Sees Growth in School Bus Technology, Education Funding

Wi-Fi and bus tracking apps are playing an increasing part in pupil transportation, according to the National Express CEO.  Meanwhile, state education funding is projected to recover in the coming years.

Driver Pay Riseas as Contractors Deal with Shortages (COVER STORY)

Our survey finds that the average starting wage for contractors' school bus drivers increased 42 cents to $15.57 per hour.  Boosting pay is one of myriad strategies to recruit and retain drivers.

Top 50 Contractors Continue Boosting Fleet Size

More than half of the contractors returning to the list report an increase in the size of their fleets.  The top 5 companies see a change in one position, and five new contractors join the list.

What's New in the Top 50

The latest developments related to some of this year's largest school bus contractors.

Using Harley-Davidson as a Benchnmark for School Transportation

A school bus driver recruiter looks to the well-known motorcycle manufacturer for lessons in positive branding.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - July 2016
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