School Bus Fleet Magazine - January 2018

COVER STORY: Driving Into the Future - Industry Looks Forward at Vehicle Automation, Electric Buses

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* Columbus Conferences: Gazing Into the Future (COVER STORY)

Vehicle automation, electric school buses, and mobile data terminals are among the forward-looking topics on tap at the NAPT and NASDPTS conferences.

* Franklin Tackles Critical Transportation Issues

At Atlanta Public Schools, John Franklin has led a turnaround that has bolstered bus reliability while boosting staff and public relations.

* Setting A Course For Safe Use of Mobile Data Terminals

Driver tablets, GPS units, and similar devices present potential benefits as well as safety concerns.  Here are the emerging issues and the guidance thus far.

* 8 Technology Offerings to Simplify Transportation Tasks

Software that streamlines data collection, onboard Wi-Fi, fuel efficiency products, and an artificial intelligence-powered child check device are just some of the options to look for in 2018.

* Ohio District Puts Premium on Student Safety, Driver Training

Working with the U.S.Department of Homeland Security and local police and fire departments, the South-Western City School District's transportation department places an emphasis on training drivers to keep students safe.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - January 2018