School Bus Fleet Magazine - January 2016

COVER STORY * Conference Coverage: Speakers Inspire, Challenge Pupil Transporters in Richmond * *

Features in this Issue

Conference Coverage: Speakers Inspire, Challenge Pupil Transporters in Richmond (COVER STORY)

A headline-grabbing statement on seat belts, a man who overcame great odds by learning to walk again, and a creative school bus safety play were among the highlights of the industry conferences in November.

Partnerships are Path to Success for Pam McDonald

The longtime pupil transportation leader has helped strengthen the industry by building vital connections with colleagues and suppliers.

Q&A: Trucker-Turned-Triathlete on Staying Fit for Driving

After experiencing the decline in fitness that often accompanies truck driving, Siphiwe Baleka set out to develop a realistic routine for truckers to get in shape.  Now, he brings his health message to the school bus world.

School Bus Led Suppliers Spotlight Greater Visibility, Affordability

New product advantages include increased bus visibility for motorists, automatic shut-off when the light no longer complies with federal standards, and lower maintenance costs.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - January 2016
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