School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2018

COVER STORY: Testing Program Sharpens Skills for Special-Needs Bus Staff

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* Special-Needs Testing Program for School Bus Staff Boosts Confidence, Safety (COVER STORY)

Greenville County (S.C.) Schools' Special Needs Physical Performance Test ensures that aides, as well as drivers, are capable of safely transporting special-needs students through measurable standards.

* Most Special-Needs Buses have Aides, A/C on Board

SBF's Special-Needs Survey also finds that child-check devices are common, but student tracking systems aren't.  Meanwhile, many operations are transporting more special-needs students this year.

* Routing Strategy Puts Rival Gangs on Separate Buses

With law enforcement's insights, a Florida district shifted school bus routes to break up students involved in gang conflicts.  The initiative knocked out fights on the bus - and calls to the police.

* Q&A: Collins Bus Boss Sees More Analytics, Alt-Fuels Ahead

Matt Scheuler points to renewed interest in alternative fuels, including new electric school buses as well as propane and CNG.  He also shares parents' reactions to the new Collins Low-Floor bus.

* Help Special-Needs Students Strive for Success Through Mainstreaming

Complying with federal law on accommodating students with disabilities is essential, but it is also important to ensure they are getting every opportunity to access the best education possible.

* Boosting Security at the Bus Stop with Mobile Data Terminals

Tablets with ridership apps can help the driver ensure that the right students get on and off the bus.  The key is to make the technology part of thd driver's routine - rather than a distraction.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2018