School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2017

COVER STORY * Special-Needs Partnership Boosts Driver Training * *

Features in this Issue:

Special-Needs Partnership Boosts Training , Behavior (COVER STORY)

At CUSD 300 in Illinois, the transportation and special-education departments have joined forces to develop new training tools for drivers and aides and to provide a consistent experience for students.

Pupil Transporters Work to Meet Changes Aimed at Helping More Homeless Students

New legislation designed to support a growing number of homeless students leaves some transportation providers grappling with logistics and costs.  More training and inter-staff communication are recommended.

Survey: Many Fleets Transporting More Special-Needs Students

More than a third of the school bus operations surveyed have a higher percentage of passengers with special needs this year.  Our survey also gives insights on mainstreaming, driver training, and types of vehicles used.

Understanding, Managing Difficult Special-Needs Student Behavior

Building relationships through good communication and receiving ongoing training are key to a bus driver's success in resolving challenging behavior.

Driver Safety Devices Help Enforce Policies on The Road

From detecting alcohol use to locking mobile devices to limiting speed, here are some of the products available for boosting safe driver behavior.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2017