School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2013


Special-needs collaboration streamlines service

By Lori L. Riddles

By establishing policies on which students can receive special-needs bus transportation and providing those students with the exact services they need, transportation departments can operate buses efficiently, creating cost savings for districts. Communication and teamwork between school and transportation personnel are essential to achieving this.

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Transportation Consortiums Cut Costs and Boost Training

Genesee Intermediate School District's transportation consortiums provide service to special needs and career/technical students in 21 districts.  Route, bus maintenance and other efficiencies have saved participating districts $42.4 million since 1997, while service continues to expand.  Driver training is extensive.

Hurricane Sandy: the Impact on NYC's School Bus Fleets

Last fall's massive storm on the East Coast created a surge of challenges for student transportation in New York City, from flooded bus yards and offices to fuel and equipment shortages.  Here's an overview of the crisis and how the city's Office of Pupil Transportation responded.

Child-Check Devices: A Vital Reminder

To protect kids from being left stranded, drivers have to carefully check their bus.  Electronic systems can help keep that duty from being neglected.

Small Buses Supplement

This section highlights information about Type A and B school buses.  Also covered in the supplement are topics related to the transportation of students who have special needs.

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* Small Bus Specifications

* Special-Needs Collaboration Streamlines Service

* Survey: Special-Needs Transporters Are Well-Equipped for the Job


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - February 2013