School Bus Fleet Magazine - August 2016

COVER STORY * How to Optimize Work with Consultants * *

Features in this Issue

How to Optimize Work with Consultants (COVER STORY)

Consultants can help build a case for additional resources and significant changes.  Selecting for school transportation experience and specifying the project scope and deliverables are key.

Servant Leadership Helps School Bus Contractor Shine

At Sunrise Transportation and other companies throughout his career, Robert Hach has focused on taking care of his people, who in turn take care of the students on their buses.

Winning Photos Capture Standout School Transportation Moments

Check out the top entires in the 12th edition of School Bus Fleet's Photo Contest.  Theser winning images were selected from 53 total entires, which were judged by SBF's editors.

Routing Solutions Target Transportation Efficiency

The latest programs for school bus routing can help school bus operations build safe and efficient routes while integrating with other fleet management functions, including GPS, driver monitoring, and KPI tracking.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - August 2016
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