School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2018

COVER STORY: Post-Parkland: Spotlight on Security

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* 10 Tips For Keeping The School Bus Secure As Concerns Rise (COVER STORY)

Experts share how to help keep school buses and sites secure, and manage student's concerns about their safety.  Including bus drivers in security plans and reporting suspicious behavior are key.

* Students On Board: New Breed of Rideshares Provide Tech-Powered Pupil Transportation

With a variety of non-yellow vehicles, app-based companies are offering parents an easy way to schedule rides for their children.  Some see this type of dynamic service playing a bigger part in pupil transportation in the near future.

* Q&A: Micro Bird Preps Electric School Bus, Plans for Propane Growth

The Type A manufacturer plans to start delivering its new electric model by the end of September.  President Steve Girardin also expects a boost for propane buses with VW settlement funding.

* Navigating The Road Ahead for MDT Policies and Practices

This final installment in a series looks at federal rules on distracted driving and state specs on mobile data terminals.  As with the technology itself, regulations need to be honed based on experience.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2018