School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2017

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Features in this Issue:

5 Tips for Planning School Bus Security Training Exercises

Enlisting support, alleviating fears by preparing staff for possible scenerios, getting buy-in from administrators, and familiarizing law enforcement with school buses can all strengthen safety.

7 Trends in School Bus Video Surveillance (COVER STORY)

High-definition video recording, wireless management features, and 360-degree views are among the latest surveillance options that are gaining popularity.

IC Bus Innovation Summit Envisions Future of the School Bus

Thought leaders and industry experts discuss the impacts of connected and automated vehicles, ride-sharing, onboard Wi-Fi, and big data at the bus manufacturer's first-ever event of its kind.

Love the Bus Month in 4 Photos

In February, school buses, drivers, and monitors were honored in Love the Bus events across the U.S.  Here, we share a handful of photos of those festivities.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2017