School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2016

COVER STORY * Assessments, Investments Bolster School Bus Facility Security * *

Features in this Issue

Assessments, Investments Bolster School Bus Facility Security (COVER STORY)

Free facility assessments and training from the Transportation Security Administration, investing in secured onsite parking, and hiring a safety officer to implement facility enhancements are some measures being taken to help employees stay safe onsite.

Growing District Steps Up Driver Recruitment, Fleet Replacement

Elk Grove's transportation department adds alt-fuel buses, boosts field trip service, and works to attract more drivers as the district prepares to build more schools.

8 Festive Photos from Love the Bus Month

In February, yellow buses and the people who drive them were celebrated in Love the Bus events from coast to coast.  Check out these pictorial highlights.

How Perley A. Thomas Built a School Bus Dynasty

Past and current leaders of Thomas Built Buses discuss how play-inspiring streetcars, family legacies and a timely switch to yellow bus manufacturing all figure in to the company's compelling history.

Communication Systems Upgrades Boost Efficienty, Expand Capabilities

An app that combines smartphone capabilities with radio systems and school radio systems that connect with public safety radio systems are among the offerings designed to expedite and expand school transportation communications.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2016
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