School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2012


Emergency preparedness: How’s your department’s ‘C3’?

By Phillip A. Haldaman

Developing an emergency preparedness plan based on command, control and communication can help to reduce injuries and potentially save lives. Building relationships with first responders can ensure your operation’s viability in the emergency response cycle by bringing awareness of what it has to offer during crises.


GPS: fleet tracking and more
Today’s systems for the pupil transportation market allow end users to monitor the location of their operation’s buses, and they can help in performing many other functions, such as route analysis and monitoring driver speed and idling.

Forging a successful partnership
The strain of managing an in-house transportation department was running Hempfield Area School District ragged. Contracting out to First Student brought equipment and safety improvements, all while cutting costs.


Sleep for safety
Good sleep is important for everyone’s well-being, but it’s even more crucial for those who work in transportation.

NAPT News & Views — Belts in buses: Will NTSB tip the scale?
The question of whether to install seat belts on large school buses has been an emotional, contentious issue for a very long time. School bus professionals with a particular interest in this issue should not miss NTSB Vice Chairman Christopher Hart’s presentation at the NAPT Summit in Memphis, Tenn., this October. When he talks, everyone should be listening carefully.

Rebel with a cause
I never met Joe Mirabella, but I got the sense that he was committed to doing what he felt was right — even if that meant going against the grain.


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School Bus Fleet Magazine - April/May 2012